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Halls continues long tradition of Japanese weird commercials

Japan has long been well known for creating wacky commercials beyond comprehension. Halls, in keeping with this tradition, has recently released the following gem. Let me know what you guys make of it, because it’s left me more than a little perplexed.

On a bit of a side note, I wonder where JapanProbe is getting all their video from? The get the bestest clips…

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4 Responses to “Halls continues long tradition of Japanese weird commercials”

  1. Cbass Says:

    All i have to say is WTF?!?!

    that’s not wacky…it’s insane….wtfness at its best….BTW, WB mr. Taro, i kinda missed your entertaining daily posting…hope you had fun on your vacations :D

  2. Jason Says:

    Hmm, halls has never made me feel that way when I’ve been under the weather. Maybe I need to import some halls from Japan…?

  3. Balry Says:

    You think this has any logic behind it?…. im sure it doesnt…

    it is just a marketing technique… something wierd you WILL remember for later when you are at the vending machine…. :/

    (if it has “logic” that guy should be put into an asylum quickly!)

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