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Chiaki Kuriyama listens to music on her P901iS mobile phone

Chiaki Kuriyama listens to music on her P901iS mobile phone - Click to see the ad

Chiaki Kuriyama is doing a lot of commercials lately. Her fans must be very happy: she is just everywhere these days… This one ad is a CM for the Panasonic P901iS Foma keitai that plays music and has a LED display on the front so that it entertains you while you listen to your favorite songs (and in this ad, she is listening to Love Psychedelico, in case you wondered).
Click here to see the ad.

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7 Responses to “Chiaki Kuriyama listens to music on her P901iS mobile phone”

  1. Thomas Says:

    I think Chiaki Kuriyama looks so cool in that ad. I think she looks like Hikaru Utada sometime’s in that ad as well. I want that mobile also HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  2. Chikai Says:

    I Loved That Ad. I Will probly go visit her one day!!!!!!!!!

  3. eric Says:

    I really love the 60 seconds version of this CM. You all should go and visit this website
    there are high quality TV-CMs from japan everyday !!! cheers.

  4. wilson Says:

    without question she looks so damn fine in that ad and also so sexy that i fantasie about her

  5. marcos Says:


  6. guardianangelz Says:

    I personally think every single Japanese commercial ever made is completely and utterly annoying, but every time I saw this one I wanted to go bang my head against the wall. Of course, they all do, but this one especially. I think it was the music.

    And yet, my current phone is the P901iS.

  7. Niin Says:

    He appeals to me here. It is very nicely. I am greeting.

    Sorry, but my English is not good ;P.

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